The Industry Committee was established to engage with needle manufacturing companies or those using needles in their manufacturing process and related industries in the UK to try and enhance training, education and skills relevant to needle making and associated processes.

We have a strong ongoing relationship with the Forge Mill Needle Museum in Redditch which was historically the centre of the needle making trade and have produced DVDs of the manufacturing process.

In order to promote education and in particular manufacturing and engineering to young people, we have established the Needlemakers Company Arkwright Engineering Scholarship for 15/16 year old technology students to study engineering. The first scholarship was awarded to a student at Aston University Engineering Academy and the number of students supported has increased each year.

As one of the founding Companies, we continue with our close relationship with the City and Guilds with the Needlemakers Annual Prize and the Company has joined the Livery Companies Skills Council.

The Committee also has overall responsibility for promoting STEM subjects throughout related activities of the Company, for example in our relationship with Treloars School for disabled children and young adults.