Company Dinner and Awards

Friday 20 August 2021

Sadly our plans for our usual Awards Dinner in July were thwarted however, as it has been an unusual year, it was agreed to take the unusual step of organising an event in August which is typically holiday time for the livery. It was the first real opportunity for liverymen to get together so enjoy some fellowship since our banquet in February 2020. And whilst it was lovely to catch up with old friends, the company enjoyed meeting some recent award winners. Having previously been a runner up, flutist Fiona Sweeney of Guildhall School of Music and Drama won the Needlemakers Woodwind Prize in 2021 and treated us to a short performance. Felicity Billing and Rebecca Offredi of the Royal School of Needlework brought their prize winning creations to display and Lt Will Clark of our affiliated regiment 3PWRR was presented with the Needlemakers' Sword for best young officer.